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Large dog on couch, medium dog with stethoscope on chair with ElleVet Oil box

Clinically Proven Hemp Oil Products for Pets

“My black lab is 14 years old. People who see her are always surprised to learn she’s that old because she’s so agile. She can even still jump up into my SUV. She runs too! I’ve been giving her the ElleVet chews for almost 2 years and credit ElleVet entirely for her agility and youthful mobility. Thank you!”


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Large and small ElleVet chew bags side by side

Soft Chews

Our hemp dog chews are a customer favorite, and highly effective for joint discomfort and mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive issues. ElleVet chews are made with our proprietary blend of hemp and organic ingredients. The chews are peanut butter flavored with great palatability. They contain Glucosamine and Chondroitin for added joint support.
ElleVet Calm & Comfort large and small tins

Situational Use Chews

Calm & Comfort Chews are meant for situational or emergency use. Calm & Comfort Chews are for dogs who might not need daily support for stress, but need help for highly stressful events such as fireworks, thunderstorms, grooming or separation. Also good for days when your dog overdid it and needs some relief from discomfort.
ElleVet Hemp Enriched Dental Sticks, large and small dog bags

Hemp Enriched Dental Sticks

Hemp Enriched Dental Sticks are the first and only canine dental sticks to incorporate hemp isolate, a natural compound with powerful oral health benefits. ElleVet’s Hemp Enriched Dental Sticks are a science-backed, safe, effective option for canine dental health. Hemp Enriched Dental Sticks support a healthy balance of bacteria in the mouth, supporting your dog's dental health at any age.
ElleVet Oil product line

Hemp Oil

Our hemp oil is the exact oil formulation that was used in our original clinical trial and is patented by ElleVet. No one else has an oil formulation like ours, and it shows. The oils come with a syringe or a dropper, which is especially helpful to ensure precise administration for pets under 6 lbs. Oils are also the most economical option for very large breed dogs. The oils are a great choice to support mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive needs.
ElleVet Soft Gels product line

Soft Gels

ElleVet Soft Gels are filled with our proprietary hemp oil formulation and are tasteless and odorless, which makes giving our oil easier than ever. The Soft Gels are a great option for pets with sensitive stomachs or that are picky eaters. Soft gels can be used to support joint discomfort and mobility, stress, skin, neuro, and cognitive needs.
ElleVet Feline Paste sleeve with two syringes

Feline Paste

ElleVet’s Feline Paste has been developed specifically for cats, in a chicken and pork flavored paste that cats love. Our Feline Paste works extremely well for joint discomfort and mobility, stress, and cognitive support and is the only feline hemp product that has been proven safe in a long-term safety study.
Dog surrounded by ElleVet product line

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What Makes ElleVet Different?

We are the leader in hemp for pets, and have the only product with proven safety and proven efficacy in multiple clinical trials

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