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5 Key Reasons To Choose ElleVet

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Clinical OA Study

Our groundbreaking clinical trial using hemp for dogs was published in 2018. The results were astounding, with over 80% of the dogs showing significant increases in comfort and mobility after using our products. Many Veterinarians recommend our product due to our study performed at Cornell University as the first evidence of efficacy for OA.


ElleVet Sciences is not just any other hemp for dogs, our hemp product has been proven safe and effective for both dogs and cats by leading veterinarians at Cornell University. Our long-term safety study, published in October 2019, is the first published study of its kind.


ElleVet Sciences offers one of the most cost-efficient products on the market. By choosing ElleVet, you and your pet receive the only product in the industry that is proven for efficacy and safety.

Advisory Board

ElleVet Sciences is built on scientific research. We are fortunate to have an advisory board representing global industry leaders who believe in our products and our mission. This trusted team helps to guide ElleVet as we continue to drive innovation.

Customer Support

At ElleVet Sciences, our customers and their pets are our main priority. Our customer support team members are standing by, happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have!

What Our
Customers Say…

Fabulous product! My 13-year-old was getting so weak, she had great difficulty even getting up. Within a month of taking her new hemp for dogs, she was attempting to chase cars on our walks. ElleVet Mobility made a HUGE difference in her quality of life, and undoubtedly extended it. —Beth M.

Just want to thank you (again) for making Hazel feel SO MUCH better! What a difference! She’s running, playing in the park, and eating like I’ve never seen her eat before. —Doug.

My dog has a second quality-filled life! —Sherry.

The Formula Behind ElleVet




ElleVet has a very potent product with a unique mix of hemp.
Our product provides superior support compared to other pet products on the market.

ElleVet Mobility is the MOST powerful & cost-effective product on the market.
Backed by science and a team of trusted veterinarians.

Proven Long Lasting Support

ElleVet is one of the most cost-effective products on the market measured on cost per mg.

“This product is amazing, almost instant results and made my old dog feel young again.

I recommend this product to anyone who has a dog with discomfort!”

–Todd. B

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